Things About Satin Fabric

The satin fabric feels soft and has a good verticality. With a silk-like effect. It is comfortable as well as close-fitted to wear, which results in its popularity.

In addition, satin fabric owns many advantages including bright color and luster, good drapability for its luster, high soft hand feel, high color fastness, and no shrinkage after washing, thus it is widely used in evening dresses, wedding dresses, pajamas, things like that.

Soft Satin Fabric

To be more specific:

1. Bright surface is the main characteristic of satin fabric, followed by the its excellent drapability. These characteristics make the fabric suitable for the production of performance clothing and skirts.

2. The main ingredients of satin fabrics which are currently sold in the fabric market are mainly polyester or blended polyester-spandex. Therefore, satin fabric also contains some of the excellent characteristics of polyester. It has strong toughness and good wearability. After being made into clothes, they are durable and washable, not easy to be damaged. On account of spandex, the elasticity of the satin fabric is greatly improved, and the clothes are not easy to shrink and deform after washing.

3. Satin fabric is generally done with anti-static treatment during production. Thus, this kind of fabric is not easy to generate static electricity and will not stick to the skin after being worn. Once it is fitted appropriately, the owner displays a good visual effect.

Summary of its characteristics:

1. Using triangular cross section with yarn, it has better effects of satin luster;
2. With bright, rich, beautiful and generous colors;
3. With smooth surface, it’s comfortable to wear;
4. With silk feeling and elegant quality.
5. With special soft yarn count and good tear resistance.
6. No shrinkage after washing, convenient to wear.
7. With environmental protection dyeing and anti-static processing.

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