Washing And Maintenance Of Satin Fabric

First of all, satin fabric is improper for exposure to sunlight because it’s relatively hot compared to other fabrics. Therefore, garments made of satin fabric are mostly used in high-end indoor occasions.

Secondly, satin fabric is similar to human hair for being not alkali resistant. When you are not sure to decide which laundry detergent, we recommend shampoo and bath cream which are very good neutral detergents to protect the softness and luster of clothes.

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In order to make better use of the advantages of satin fabric and avoid unnecessary problems caused by washing and maintenance, let's take a look at its washing and maintenance methods.

Notes during washing and maintenance:

1. It is not advisable to scrub strongly when washing, especially by a washboard or a hard brush. It is better to use a banister brush to gently scrub in the direction of the fluff. Avoid touching the metal buttons, zippers, metal ornaments, etc.

2.Use warm water of 35 degrees, and the water temperature should not be too high.

3.If there are oily spots, do not wash with water first because the oil is not soluble in water. Adopt the "dry clothes pre-apply method": first apply the special hand wash detergent directly to the oily spots; leave it for 5 minutes then do regular detergent washing.

4. After washing, choose a ventilated place to dry in the shade; for storage, folding or suspending is good.

5.If ironing is required, do not press the iron directly on the cloth surface, otherwise the fluff will be overwhelmed and produce extra light. It’s better to use the steam jet iron, set the temperature at 180℃, and operate it gently back and forth. If the iron can’t jet put wet cotton on the clothes. Don't wear it immediately after ironing, otherwise it will be easily deformed. Do not iron if you don’t know how to operate.

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