Gentle Service, Good Night

What is the original of Rhor Night?

"The comedy is painted in black, and laughter is for emotion. Life is beautiful. When you love someone, it will glow." ----Life Is Beautiful. Such a classic sentence reminds us of a gentleman who always said “Good morning, princess” and told his son that the Nazi concentration camp was a game.

Who is Rhor Night?

Good night, dear customer. Our brand, Rhor Night which specializes in luxury high-grade sleepwear, sincerely wish you and your loved ones Good Night with our gentle service.

What provides?

The WHO survey shows adults need an average of 7-8 hours of sleep a day, while children need 9-10 hours, . It means we spend nearly a third or more of our days in pajamas. Especially in 2020,  we tend to stay at home in pajamas. For such long time, a sleepwear undoubtedly requires better style and higher quality.

Why choose

We have tested more than 100 types of pajama fabrics, and finally chose the one that is super comfortable as well as soft. And We have made more than 50 times sample to try all workmanship , we believe that such pajamas can bring you and your loved ones  better sleep at night as well as a better mood in next day. What’s more, we provide customization for you to make the world's unique sleepwear. It also can a perfect gift for your family and friends.

Welcome to contact us for more details! Let Rhor Night truly serves you and your loved ones every gentle care for high quality sleep at night Best wishes to your worry-free sleep or daytime in the hard era!


Reliable fulfillment:
1) 24 x 7 online/hot-line services;
2) warehouses in US and Au.


Contact Info:

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